A.M.D.G.- "Ad Madjorem Dei Gloriam!"
Applications for the 2016 National Pageant is now being accepted!

Congratulations to our 2016 winners:
Kaitlyn Pickering (Saskatchewan): Miss Canada Globe 2015/ 16
Noor- ella Shahab (Alberta): Miss Canada Petite 2015/ 16
Carly Wheelans (Ontario): Miss Teen Canada Globe 2015/ 16
Arshpreet Chohal (Southern BC): Miss Teen Canada Petite 2015/ 16

Watch Jacqueline Wojciechowski (Miss Canada Globe 2013) as she won Miss Globe 2014, making history to be the first Canadian to win Miss Globe! Go Canada! 

Watch the Miss Canada Globe 2014 Pageant Summary Clip:


Congratulations to Tetinya Caffet (Miss Canada Globe 2013 1st Princess), Miss Canadian Tourism 2014, as she represented Canada at the 2014 Miss Tourism International 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia placing Top 20 Semifinalist!

Congratulations to Jacqueline Wojciechowski
(Miss Canada Globe 2013) 
for winning Miss Globe 2014 in Albania!

Congratulations to Stephanie Bendall (Miss Canada Charity 2013 4th Princess) for placing as 2nd Runner- Up at World City Queen 2014 Pageant in Dominican Republic.

Congratulations to Abissheka Lloydson (Miss Teen Canada Globe 2013) for doing such a great job at Miss Princess of the World 2014 in Czech Republic!

Congratulations to Andreanne Roy (Miss Canada Charity 2013 2nd Princess) as she won Best Dress at Miss Freedom of the World 2014 Pageant in Kosovo!

Congratulations to Team MCGP at the 2014 Petite World Pageants in Waterbury, Connecticut U.S.A.

From L-R:
Carole Farah- (Canada) placed as 4th Runner- Up at the 2014 Miss Petite World Pageant.
Eden Pereira- (Portugal) placed as 2nd Runner- Up at Miss Petite World 2014 Pageant
Veronika Medeiros- (Teen Canada)- placed as 1st Runner- Up at the 2014 Miss Teen Petite World Pageant.

Congratulations to Team MCGP who represented Canada at the 2014 Tourism Intercontinental Pageants in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

Tourism Intercontinental Pageants:
Nitasha Vasantha: (Canada Petite) placed as Miss Petite Tourism Intercontinental 2014 2nd Runner- Up, winner of Miss Seashore Queen Award and Miss New Model Look Award.
Veronica Medeiros: (Teen Canada Petite) placed as Miss Teen Tourism Teen Petite Intercontinental 2014 2nd Runner- Up, winner of Best Fantasy National Costume Award.
Abissheka Lloydson: (Teen Canada) Winner of Miss Teen Tourism Intercontinental 2014, winner of Best of the Best Models Award.
Christina Izzo: (Junior Teen Canada) Winner of Miss Petite Maja of the World 2014, winner of Miss Teen Bikini Tourism Intercontinental Award.
Caitlin Speed: (Canada Miss) placed as Miss Tourism Intercontinental 2014 2nd Runner- Up.
Way to go ladies, You have represented Canada very well!

Congratulations to Yara Jabr (Miss Southern Ontario- Globe 2012)  who represented Canada at Miss Tourism Planet 2014! You have represented Canada very well!

Congratulations to our MCGP title holders who represented us at the 2014 Universal Petite Pageants in Cozumel, Mexico  on June 23, 2014!

Teen Universal Petite:
Natalie Zachary (Teen Canada): 1st Runner- Up Winner: Teen Cuba
Miss Universal Petite:
Roushelle Green (Miss Canada Petite): 5th Runner- Up
Winner: Miss Puerto Rico Petite 
Lise Shannen Abreu (Miss El Salvador Petite): 3rd Runner- Up
Great job ladies!!!!!

Congratulations to our MCGP National title holders who represented Canada at the 2014 Beauty International Pageants in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic last April 26, 2014.

Jennifer Perrin (Miss Canada Charity 2013 1st Princess):
placed Miss Petite Beauty Int'l 2014 1st Runner- Up
Natacha Richard- Bastarache (Miss Teen Canada Petite 2013 3rd Princess): won Best Eyes Award
Coralie Robert (Miss Teen Canada Charity 2013):
won Miss Personality Award
Taralyn Donohue (Miss Teen Canada Globe 2013 1st Princess):
won Miss Teen Beauty Int'l 2014
Meghan House (Miss Canada Globe 2013 4th Princess):
won Miss Beauty International 2014
Way to go ladies, you have represented Canada very well!


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